Weeping Willow



Weeping Willow speak to me                                                                                                                                    Of gentle breezes blowing.                      

Of butterflies
And humming birds.
And seeds you'll be a sowing.

Speak to me about the earth.
Of things within it growing.
Of little oaks
And centipedes
And water gently flowing.

Speak to me about the sun
Of golden rays a lowing
Of warmth and light
And all things bright
And life within you, glowing.

Weeping Willow speak to me
Of all these things you're knowing.
Of past good-byes
And lover's sighs
And why your kind
is going...



God's Tree

I dreamed I was a rich man
and could sail the seven seas.
And yet with all my riches
I refused to bend my knees

I dreamed I was a pauper.
No food to soothe my pain.
And yet I looked upon the cross
and hung my head in shame

And when I woke I saw a tree
in blossom full and growing.
And in this tree I saw the Lord
and felt His wisdom growing.

So neither rich nor poor of heart
can see you through the forest
you need but only watch the tree
to hear the angel's chorus.


Night Mare

I awoke steeped in sweat, her vision burned my memory.
Her dark mane thickly flowing, her silhouette of darkest ebony.
I could feel her strength and loneliness; she reared and kicked in fury.

The Black horse deep within us all.
A Night Mare sent to rape our unconscious reality.

She moved with muscles rippling, along her flanks of frozen coal.
To look her in her scarlet eye, would surely steal your soul.
Her task, to make us feel the chill, the tingle and foreboding.
The Black horse deep within us all.
A Night Mare sent to confirm our deepest insanity.

So if you see this horse of darkest night.
Be brave of heart, and feel the inky fright.
For this is fodder for her blackest heart, her hooves upon our chest.
The Black horse deep within us all.
A Night Mare sent to remind us of our humanity.



 Beneath my Bed

I stole a glance beneath my bed....and visions flared so, full o dread...
My heart near burst from out my chest... as Satan rose up from his rest.

With all the courage in my soul, I peeked into those eyes of coal.
And sure of all that's dead....decaying, spring forth to feast upon me,
praying, to all the Gods of here and there....deliver me this night's despair.

I turned at once as if to flee...but heavy legs did hamper me.
And then as if in slowest form...my quest to run engulfed in the storm.
The Devil. Dark and evil's kind...did gain upon my soul sublime.

My courage lost ... I fell to hell, and saw the vision dread to tell.
And sure of death...and darkest nights, I dare not speak of such a
For soul and spirit....they did part that night.

So when you peak beneath the bed...on darkest nights so filled with
remember this my tale of woe...look not into those eyes of deepest coal.



Nature’s Wisdom


Eyes of darkness. Eyes of night

Eyes that cause that fear. That flight

Hearts a racing beating chest.

Soul’s escaping, hearts at rest


Eyes of sunshine, full and bright

Eyes that only see the light

Playful, watchful, growing old

Learning lessons yet untold


If we listen to our Mother

Learn to live with one another

Then we’ll live to see the light

Then we’ll know we’ve won the fight.



THE HUNT           

This is a beautiful painting by Nico, and can be found in the Sanparks Art by Forum members thread. He was kind enough to let me use it as it and other paintings inspired the following poem.


Silently walking, skillfully stalking, am venturing into the night.

Whiskers are twitching, jaws begin itching,

Release is just in one bite.


Yes! Move little one, just a little more fun

As we dance on into the night.

The dance we begin, there, just under your chin.


I’ve got you! My grip will not lessen.

Your life was today. Now it’s going away.

As life leaves your eyes, as you say your last sigh

I promise you that I will stay.


Silently walking, skillfully stalking, am venturing into the night. 

My tail is a twitching and jaws have stopped itching.

The sun puts an end to the fright.

Lay still little one. For, we are now done.

Let us lay in the still morning light.





             Diary of an Orphan


Sun dried dirt on sun browned feet

Raising dust clouds in the village street.

Walking from here to over there

Walking from here to everywhere.


African Sun beats down on my head

No food in my tummy, no soft place for bed.

Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow, the same

Tho hungry and dirty I have no shame.


I want to live on, to love and to laugh

I want to belong, forgetting my past

So much death, so much sorrow

Will I see some hope come tomorrow?


Sun dried dirt on sun browned feet

Food in my tummy and off of the street

This is my home now with people to love

This is my hope now, sent from above.




                                          Ode to cyber friends

The soft white light put her face aglow

as she moved her fingers, thoughts did flow 

to the stranger she'd met on this new device

 her honest remarks, her best advice.


Mother, daughter, sister, friend

The type written truth she's willing to lend.

Not like the ones she sees in here.

To be themselves is what they fear.


On this new road we choose our peers

We share our secrets, tell our fears

And when we find a friend with heart

Our worlds are not so far apart.






The Circle


She had her kits the other day

The pain intense soon went away

Her eyes and ears alert for prey

They’d live to hunt another day


Her time was now ‘neath golden sun

Her time is done and his begun

His struggle, life, it holds the key

To all that he will ever be


She walks on silent pads of four

Through grasses tall and swaying

And hears the haunting hungry call

A zebra softly braying


All hair and fluff and gangly legs

He tries to see the pattern

His mother’s milk will save him now

But no one else will have him 




The Sculpture

This beautiful sculpture was made by AjayB, who resides in South Africa.


I sit here frozen in this time

On this metal pike of mine

My master’s fingers deep within

My ears and nose, my eyes and chin


The glow you see is not from earth

Metal heated over hearth

My master saw my soul within

And placed me on this metal pin.




The Eagle’s Last Song



Come down to me my Maker and soothe my trembling heart.

Come ease my wildly thrashing legs, my end time now to start.

Come down to me my maker, and gently close my eyes.

And take me flying once again, through deep blue African Skies.




The Internet's Curse


          Come hither and sit, and I’ll spin you a tale

          Of a place I’ve come to know.

          Where the folks are friendly and the chairs are soft

          And the beer is known to flow


          It’s nestled among the circuitry the wires and the chips

          inside this box upon my desk, beside the paper clips.

          In there you can sit and chat, with friends you’ve come to know

          Or visit strange new lands, with zebra, giraffe, and buffalo


          The temperature there is always just right

          It’s climate controlled with plenty of light

          There’s food for the taking there’s recipes too

          There’re times that this place is just like a zoo


          But be warned of this place I’m speaking of now.

          The attraction is strong and addictive somehow.

          You’ll peek in the door, and maybe stay for a bit.

          You may even be tempted to type while you sit.


          And soon all the hours will turn into days.

          You’ll forget about supper and all normal ways.

          And I’ll bet this tale you’ll be telling it too.

          And there’ll be lots more addicts addicted like you





My Tiny Angel

Dedicated to Ryan and Amy


         Tiny fist pressed tight against mouth so small.

What gift is this?

Small drool trail catching sunlight’s glint

And crooked smile…leads us to think

of the wonder of it all.


Tiny angel in the palms of my hands.

My hands wrinkled with age and wisdom, hold you strong.

My thoughts travel through time as I look in your eyes

Reminding me of times

When I held your parent, just as fragile.

Same face, same smile, same eyes.

Oh my how time flies.





One Of These Days



One of these days I’m going to wake up, and cry for my fellowman.

One of these days I’ll smarten up, and try to understand.

One of these days I’ll go to sleep, with concern upon my mind,

About the things I could control, but chose to leave behind.


One of these days I’ll open my eyes, and see the little things.

A bud on a tree; a new blade of grass; the things that nature brings.

One of these mornings I’ll take a breath, and taste the new day sun.

One of these nights I’ll feel the dew, of the night that’s just begun.


One of these days my time will come, and the end will be at hand.

And in the book of life, my mark, will show just where I stand.

One of these days I’ll need to tell just why I chose this path.

And bow my head in humility, and face my Makers wrath.





Full Circle


African sun crawled low to the hill

Orange colored clouds sent light that would spill

Over grasses and veldt, to the edge of the night

And all manner of beast did stop in their flight

To gaze at this last, this glorious sight.


Another day ending, a night just begun

The darkness descending, the setting of sun

And now all our senses are raw with delight

To stand and be fearless, and willing to fight

Or leap with ears folded in panic and fright


African sun rose over the plains

And wind blown grey clouds foretold of the rains

And here there was life from out of the night

And here there was death in one single bite

Mother Africa smiled, and then all was right.






 Why are you looking at me?

Up here in my tree.

I see you staring from your one eye

Catching sun rays from the sky

And what is that language that you speak?

That click click click. What do you seek?

You do not look like creatures here

I do not know if I should fear.

What is it that you see

When you are looking up at me? 





                                                                      African Sun


The sun beat down on the ground…as I sat in the dust of an old forgotten road.


The heat from that day brought a smell o’er my way,

Of sweet grass and hot sun baked clay.

And it tickled my senses, aroused my suspense’s,

And it drifted me far and away.


I saw in the shimmer, the Sun’s heat had delivered

The tall grasses started to sway.

That tree in the distance

Alone in existence, it wasn’t so far and away.


I heard in the distance, a call of resistance

Like cries through a cellophane bag

And I knew in an instant, life wasn’t consistent

Sun’s set was starting to fade.


I arose in a sweat, and was full of regret

For I tempted my fate on this day.

As I turned full around

Long white teeth I had found.

And it tickled my senses, aroused my suspense’s.


And it drifted me far and away…as I bled in the dust of an old forgotten road.


Vetrans Remembered 

I see you sitting there, in your chrome wheeled chair.

Weather soaked felt beret

Shiny medals on chest

Drip tears of rain for fallen friends.


I see you sitting there, right hand shaking

While tipped to forehead raised.

What do you see now?

Eyes cloudy with age

Memories tipped with rage?

Wisdom etched in whiskered wrinkle.


How you cried in those terrible days

How you died in that terrible haze

Friends in foreign soils laid.

Their price for our freedom paid.