About Us

Lockard Young (known as Lockie to friends and relatives) is a Plumber by trade. He lives with his wife in the countryside of rural New Brunswick. In 1995, while he was between jobs, he started banging away at the new computer they had recently purchased. Before long he found he had nearly five chapters of a book started.The characters were named after his children, so it seemed logical to read these words to the kids. They were so enthralled with the story they wanted more, so Lockie had to write more. He stopped at 13,000 words, thinking this is already too long for young readers, and called the work Ryan's Legend. A book was born, and a writing career was started. Work in the plumbing trade picked up, and Lockie went back to doing what he was trained to do, Plumbing. Now, after a full career, he is retired, and enjoys writing, his true passion. In December of 2014 he published two short stories, his middle grade Novella, Ryan's Legend, and a teaser short story called Christmas Break. He has a few stories "in the works", along with a couple of short stories completed, and is working on the second part of Ryan's Legend, the sequel, due to be published in December of 2014.. He also has numerous poems completed on a variety of topics, and you can view a sample of his Poetry under the Poems Tab, and have a taste of his short story writing style under the Tab Other Ramblings. 


I hope you enjoy my style of writing, and I would like to invite you to check out some of my photography as well. OH, and please feel free to sign the Guest Book, and please come back for another visit. You are always welcome.

Lockie Young

History of project

I was going to start a blog and stumbled onto this site and decided a web site was not a bad idea. Perhaps a bit unconventional, I can still showcase some of my work, invite folks like yourself over for a visit, and maybe someone will mention me to a publisher friend of theirs. Hey! It could happen.


Ryan's Legend is Published!