Website launched

06/07/2013 19:50

My new website has been launched today.

I wanted to show case some of my work, and share with friends and the public some of the writings I've done over the past few years. My friends and family know me as a plumber, and a father to two awesome sons. However, most people don't know that I also write in my spare time as a sort of hobby. 

I hope you, the visitor to my site, finds something here that touches your soul, perhaps makes you laugh, or at the very least, gets you to some emotional plane that you were not in before you got here. For me, the written word, whether it is in the form of a short story, a novel, or even a poem, must produce emotion in it's readers. If it does nothing, then it is nothing. Some pieces are like that, and as a writer I must accept, or stop writing. But that odd piece which might produce a tear, or a smile, is like that one in one out of one thousand pictures that is unique enough to make the observer/reader stop and