Giants Castle

24/07/2013 15:06

Nestled in the beautiful mountains in Ukhahlamba Drakensberg Park, in Kwazulu- Natal province South Africa is Giants Castle, where we will find the San cave paintings. The San bushman were a tribe believed to have inhabited the area some 62,000 years ago, and the San Cave Rock Art may be as old as 27,000 years.

The caves are now protected from public vandalism and are accessible via a 45 minute hike along a river trail and up into the mountain. The public can view the rock art or ‘paintings’ from walkways designed for easy viewing, while also helping protect the weathered and fading artwork.

Many of the drawings depict Elan, a huge antelope that inhabit the Drakensberg Mountains. The Elan played an important role in the lives of the San People as it not only provided them with food and clothing, but there is archaeological evidence that Elan hides were also used for shelter.